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Protecting Your Hurley

Seasoning advice and protection tips.

Protecting your hurley: A guide

To give you the best strike and most flexibility Ash has been used as the primary wood in Hurleys for hundreds of years. It is a flexible yet strong wood that lends itself perfectly to the impacts of Hurling and Camogie.

However no material is perfect and Ash is no different. One of Ash’s important features in terms of injury reduction is its ability to break, however this can also be a weakness. A hurley when manufacured has a balanced level of moisture to provide strength and flexibility. Here are a few tips for you to help protect your hurley for longer use.

Top 3 tips for protecting your hurley from damage.  

  1. Season your hurley: With Irish weather we invariably will have hurleys out in the rain for long periods. Ash absorbs moisture and this can lead to your hurl being a lot heavier which may cause weaknesses in places. One tip to prevent your hurley getting too damp is to apply a coat of linseed oil which will protect the hurley from excess moisture. Many people recommend applying one coat then lightly sanding before re-applying a second coat.
  2. Keep your hurley away from the heat: It is very important that you keep your hurley away from direct sources of heat such as radiators, ranges, open fires or stoves. Excessive heat will lead to your hurley drying out and becoming a lot more brittle. Don’t be surprised if your hurley comes off the worst in the next clash of the ash if it spent the winter in the house. Believe it or not, even in Irish weather, leaving your hurleys in the boot of a car for weeks can really dry out the ash. The best place to store hurleys long-term is in a shed that is reasonably dry.
  3. Stack your hurley flat if you wont be using it for a while: Knocked out of the championship?? Putting the gear away for the winter?? Well if you are, make sure to stack your hurleys flat if possible. Leaning a few hurleys against a wall in the shed can lead to bowing of the shaft. Alternatively if you had room on a wall in your shed/garage etc to hang up your hurley this would also do the trick.
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